Last update: Wednesday July 24 2002

Ok, I am no MAC user and absolutely no MAC expert, so if you have other or additional experiences please write to Andreas Petersik!

Microsoft Internet Explorer

You can select whether the Explorer should use its built-in Java Runtime or Apple's runtime which is called MRJ. Java 1.1 applets are working only if you have installed the MRJ and selected in the IE settings to use it!

NEW: I recommend the MRJ 2.2. It is much more faster than the old version, MRJ 2.0.
You can either take Explorer 4 or 4.5, both versions are working excellent with the MRJ.
If you are still using the MRJ 2.1 early access 3, you have to upgrade to the final version to get it working with IE 4.5!

To install the MRJ you must have at least MacOS 8.0! (There is a tricky solution to get MRJ running even with MacOS 7.6.1!)

Get Internet Explorer for MacOS
Get the MRJ

Netscape Navigator/Communicator 6.x and Mozilla 1.x

Netscape 6.x and Mozilla 1.x should work with Java 1.1 applets when MRJ is installed.

NEW: iCab - the new Java compatible browser for MacOS

iCab is a new Java compatible browser for MacOS.

Go to the iCab Homepage!

Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.x

Sorry, I could not figure out any solution to run Java 1.1 applets with Netscape 4.x!

Sun's HotJava browser

Sun's HotJava browser uses also the MRJ. To run it you have to get and install the MRJ first!
BTW: This configuration is untested and it is maybe a very tricky installation!

Get HotJava!